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    Does your scalp feel tight and do you often have itching on your head? Then there is a good chance that a dry scalp is the culprit. Many people suffer from it, especially in winter. This is due to the cold and dry air from the heating. But your scalp can also feel dry at other times of the year. The causes can be both internal and external factors. You may recognize one or more of them when we discuss them later in this blog article.

    What is certain is that a dry scalp is very annoying. It does not feel pleasant and the skin may also flake. That may also make you think of dandruff, but it is not the same. Read on to discover how you can recognize a dry scalp, what the causes are, and where the solution lies.

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    If you suffer from a dry scalp, you may recognize one or more of the following symptoms:

    • An itchy and tight scalp.
    • Fine, white and dry flakes.
    • A rough, chapped and red scalp.
    • Hair loss (with an extremely dry scalp).

    With dandruff, you also suffer from flakes, but they are larger, greasy and yellowish in color. This allows a dry scalp and dandruff to be distinguished from each other.


    The causes of a dry scalp vary. Sometimes it is a matter of hereditary predisposition. It may be that your genes make you more likely to suffer from a dry scalp than others. In addition, there are internal and external factors that play a role.

    Heredity, like hormonal changes, falls under internal factors. Then you should consider, for example, pregnancy or menopause. Do you suffer from skin problems such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis? Then the chance of a dry scalp is also greater. Another internal factor that can cause a dry scalp is aging. The older you are, the drier your skin is. Finally, physical and emotional stress also plays a role.

    If internal factors are not the culprit, there may be external factors causing dry scalp. For example, we already talked about winter at the beginning of this article. Changes in temperature or seasons are a known cause of dry scalp. An unhealthy lifestyle also plays a role. Poor diet and smoking contribute to a dry scalp. In addition, you may be taking certain medications that make your scalp dry. Finally, using harsh hair products, washing or blow-drying too hot also dries out the scalp. Therefore, be careful with shampoos, soap and hair products with harsh ingredients or ingredients prone to irritate, and do not blow dry or wash the hair too hot.


    Although the causes of a dry scalp vary, it is easily treatable. We would like to share the following tips to combat a dry scalp:

    Watch your diet

    One of the external factors responsible for dry scalp is poor nutrition. It is important to take good care of your scalp from within. This means that you should try to eat healthy and drink enough. It is preferable to drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water every day. In addition, it is important to eat healthy food with lots of vitamin E, vitamin B and omega-3 fatty acids. These vitamins are found, for example, in oily fish, nuts, linseed and avocado. It is also important to eat enough fruit and vegetables. You can also consider a nutritional supplement to keep your body in optimal condition.

    Cleanse your hair and scalp with the right products

    There is a natural fat layer on your scalp that protects the scalp. By washing your hair and scalp with a shampoo that is too aggressive, you damage the protective layer and the scalp dries out. Therefore, if you have a dry scalp, use a shampoo and conditioner that is kind to the skin. X-Derma shampoo from Mediceuticals helps treat a dry, flaky, chapped and sensitive scalp. X-Derma shampoo gently cleanses the hair and scalp without drying out. Therapeutic conditioner is specially developed for sensitive skin, this is a great product to care for and hydrate the hair and more so the scalp.

    Be careful with a brush

    The effect of a brush through the hair is often underestimated. Did you know, for example, that brushing too hard with a dry scalp is really out of the question? Brushing the hair harshly will only make the dryness and itching worse and can damage the hair and scalp. Therefore, always take your time to brush your hair. You will be doing your scalp (and your hair too, by the way) a great favor. To protect the hair and scalp you can choose our Scalpro brush. This brush from Mediceuticals easily detangles the hair and glides effortlessly through the hair. Due to the round shape and soft flexible silicone pins, the brush prevents hair breakage and damage to the scalp. The natural bristles polish the hair and have an antistatic effect. The Scalpro brush is suitable for every hair type, including curly, long, or thick hair and even for hairpieces and extensions. The brush is also a solution for people with a sensitive scalp, making it ideal for use on children.

    Be careful with heat

    Hot water and heat from a hair dryer, curling iron or straightener damage the natural protective layer of the scalp. Therefore, wash your hair with lukewarm water. No matter how nice it is to take a warm (or hot) shower, it doesn't do your scalp any favors.

    In addition, be careful with the hair dryer, curling iron, or straightener. If you have a dry scalp, it is better not to use the last two at all. Not blow-drying the hair at all can be difficult. It is often the best way to style it. Therefore, use the hairdryer at a lower temperature setting. Blow-drying will take longer, but it is much better for your scalp.

    Take care of your hair with care products

    There are various care products to treat a dry scalp. At Mediceuticals we have a special Scalp Treatment Kit Dry Scalp. This is a 3-step plan for treating a dry scalp. In addition to the X-Derma shampoo and Therapeutic conditioner, you will also find a product in the package that should be used before the shampoo. This makes it an extra intensive and complete treatment for your dry scalp. Additionally, you can add a few drops of Bao-Med oil to the conditioner for extra hydration of the scalp.


    Dry scalp is common and fortunately, it is easy to treat. However, if it bothers you, it is somewhat annoying. The causes of a dry scalp vary but are usually easy to identify. And even if that doesn't work, the treatment methods are almost always effective. By following the tips above, you will also get rid of your dry scalp. Don't expect results within a few days, but give your scalp time to recover. By eating healthy, being kind to your head and hair, and using the right care products, your dry scalp will also recover naturally.


    For personal advice you can contact us or make an appointment at one of our certified Mediceuticals salons.