Experience using Mediceuticals during chemotherapy

Hair loss, baldness and chemotherapy. Especially for a woman, hair loss is a real nightmare. In this blog I will take you through my personal story. I, Gaby, owner of Your Changes, have been diagnosed with cancer. I will fight this terrible disease and make use of all the treatments that are offered to me, including chemotherapy and also with the associated hair loss.

Nowadays you can choose to use an Coldcap with certain chemotherapy treatments. This freezes your hair follicles so that the chemotherapy cannot penetrate into the hair follicles. This may allow you to keep more hair, but unfortunately this is not applicable to all forms of chemotherapy. Also with my form of chemotherapy it is not possible to work with an Coldcap, so I have to accept that I will go bald.

I work with the products from Mediceuticals® in my own salon, they have a range that you can use during chemotherapy. I will tell you more about this later. I have advised this line to several customers who also have dealt with chemotherapy. I always try to empathize with my clients how it should feel for them, to lose your hair. What always surprised me was that women often found this to be the worst part of the whole process. I tried to imagine this but found it very difficult. After all, you are fighting for your life, so isn’t hair loss less important? Well I can tell you, it is really very intense! Now I know how it feels and now I know how important it is to be well supported by good products and a lot of understanding from your hairdresser.

Using Mediceuticals® during chemotherapy

Immediately when I knew the date of my first chemotherapy treatment, I started washing with Mediceuticals®. Shampoo Saturate and conditioner Vitatin, that was about 2 weeks in before the first treatment. After the first treatment I had my hair cut short and I bought a wig from my dear colleague Tanja from Tanja’s Haarmode Amsterdam. I have consistently washed my hair every day and I also started spraying with Cellagen. Simple said, this combination removes the toxins from the hair follicle and stimulates the production of new hair. If you want to know more about using Mediceuticals® during chemotherapy, you can read it here.

The doctors told me that after the first chemotherapy treatment about 10 days later my hair would fall out and I would be bald within a few days. Well that was not the case. After 14 days my hair fell out slightly, but that was no more than normal. In fact, my hair continued to grow and became too long even for my short haircut. I did experience hair pain and it slowly got worse. But as soon as I went to wash it again and put the conditioner on, the hair pain went away. Because of the hair pain that was getting worse I found it difficult to wash my hair so I was going to postpone it.

Hair loss due to chemotherapy

Well there comes a time when you experience hair loss during chemotherapy. It started after the second treatment, about 10 days later. First that hair pain, it got worse. I just couldn’t touch my hair, it really hurt a lot. Now I am blessed with a thick head of hair and even as a child I already had a lot of hair pain, so much so that I even had my hair cut. I have probably had more problems with that than others, because in principle you do not hear this to such an extent. Still, after every wash the hair pain went away, so Mediceuticals® did a lot. I also continued to spray Cellagen every day. My hair was shaved short, spiked and I started wearing my wig. I also treated my eyebrows with Mediceuticals® and despite they were thinning I did not lose them, as well as my eyelashes. I only treated my lashes with Vitatin with a cotton swab.

After the third treatment my hair had thinned considerably, but still I was not bald. However, it fell out enormously and you saw it getting thinner by the day. But there was never a moment during the chemotherapy treatments that I was bald and also not a moment that I lost my eyebrows and eyelashes. In fact, when I wore my wig, no one saw that I was sick.

After the fourth treatment my hair even started to grow again, first completely gray and now more than 4 weeks after the chemo it is even darker in color. The hair is also starting to get a bit fuller. My hair still feels strange, but the hair pain is also gone. I still continue to wash and treat my hair every day with Mediceuticals.

Final thoughts about Mediceuticals®

I am very enthusiastic, no complete hair loss during chemotherapy! I have seen several good results from Mediceuticals®, but by experiencing it myself I have become even more enthusiastic. I do believe in the power of consistent treatment. I understand that if you are in the middle of the treatments and you do not feel well and suffer from anything and everything it is quite difficult to wash and treat your hair and scalp every day. Yet you really have to do this if you want to achieve good results. Really start two weeks before your first treatment and keep this up! No matter how difficult this is, but this is all decisive for the result. I have spoken to several doctors / nurses and they are really amazed at how much hair I had all along. The bad luck for me now is that I will also have to go under radiation therapy on my head and this will still cause baldness. I can no longer treat my skin with Cellagen, but with Therapeutic and Bao-Med oil. It is nice that Mediceuticals® can support you with all problems.

Source: https://www.yourchanges.nl/haaruitval-bij-chemo/